Meet with a Designer

Now that you’ve spent some time considering your kitchen remodel and determining what you want to include, you are likely ready to schedule an appointment with a designer. ​

The goal of the first meeting is to provide your designer with the scope of your project, your budget, and an understanding of your style preferences. This will help your designer be more thoughtful and on target with recommendations and designs.​

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Make your first designer meeting productive

To get the most out of your first meeting, here are some things that you should bring with you:

  • Images of other kitchens that inspire you. Seeing pictures of things you like is a great way for your designer to actually see your style preferences. A Pinterest board is always a great starting point. You can also Find your style here.
  • Your What’s In & What’s Out information. This is the scope of your project and includes which elements you will be replacing. If you haven’t completed this yet, click here.​
  • Measurements and photos of your current kitchen. Visit the Measure Your Space page and collect your room’s measurements. Then take some photos to share. Your designer will be grateful if you have that handy. ​
  • Your target timeline. Let your designer know if you’re trying to complete your project by a certain date or life event. ​



A picture is worth a thousand words, and bringing pictures of your current kitchen to your first design meeting can make the meeting more productive. This way, the designer can have some insight into current problems and how to solve them in your new kitchen. Want to get rid of that unsightly trash can out in the open? Let your designer know!

1st Design Meeting Checklist​

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