Step 4: Create Your Budget

“What’s your budget?” is the most common and often the most uncomfortable question for anyone considering a kitchen remodel. We understand. It’s not everyday that you set a budget on something like this, and it can certainly leave your head spinning. Among the questions that are most likely at the top of your list are:​

  • How do I know what I should be spending? ​
  • How do I know where I should spend more and where I should save? ​
  • How do you know if I’m getting a good deal? ​

The key to success will be understanding the decisions to be made, how they actually impact your budget and then creating a plan. To help you make sense of the numbers and get you to a point where you are comfortable talking about a budget number or range, we’ve created some easy-to-use tools. If you are at a point where you’re feeling unsure, it’s okay. We’re here to help you navigate it all.​

How Decisions Impact Budget

Things you need to know about project scope and cabinets.

Real Kitchen Examples

See real-life kitchen remodels and budget range​.

Project Estimator

Answer a few questions to find out an estimated budget range for YOUR project.​