Door Style: Wood Type, Overlay and Center Panel​​

Door style plays a major role in defining the overall look—and price—of your cabinets. Comparing extremes, cabinets with the most expensive door style will be approximately twice the price of cabinets with the least expensive door style. Three of the factors that play into the large range in price are wood type, overlay, and center panel. An example of these factors are shown below, along with an example of similar doors that also span a range of prices.​

Wood Types/Species​

The type of wood you choose for your cabinet doors will not only influence the style and overall look of your kitchen, but the overall cost as well. See below for the cost progression between typical wood species. ​


The “overlay” refers to how far the door overlays the frame of the cabinet. 

    Partial overlay


    Cabinet doors allow you to see some of the cabinet case frame.  For an identical door, partial overlay will save you approximately 10-20%.

    Full overlay


    Cabinet doors cover almost the entire cabinet case frame, providing a seamless look across a kitchen. Full overlay doors are the most popular doors available today.

    Center Panel

    The center panel refers to the middle of the door.

    Veneer or Engineered Wood​


    Many doors have a veneer or engineered panel inside of a solid wood frame. This typically saves about 5-10% when compared to a similar door with a wood panel.  If you are considering paint, we recommend talking with your designer about EverCore, a new material designed specifically for painted doors.

      Solid Wood ​


      Some doors are available with a solid wood center panel.  If you select a stain finish, you may want to consider a door with a solid wood panel. This means that the door “frame” and center panel will both be solid wood and will accept the stain in the same way. 

      Here is an example of Shaker-style doors and the cost progression based on overlay and center panel material. Keep this in mind as you are making decisions. Should you find yourself needing to scale back on costs, overlay and center panel material may be something that you can adjust.​