On The End

The end of a row of cabinets is a common place for a refrigerator, especially when space is at a premium. To make the free-standing refrigerator feel more integrated in your beautiful new kitchen, consider some of these “finishing” options.​

12” cabinet above​, exposed sides


The dollar signs are used to show a price comparison relative to the cost of the cabinetry and the appliances. Of course, depending on your final choices, cost will vary.

Things to know about this layout:​
  • Both sides of the refrigerator are exposed.  Check appliance specifications to know how the side is finished. Ex. Is it Black or Stainless?
  • The back of the refrigerator may also be visible.
  • The cabinet above may be difficult to access and is typically used for storing items that are not frequently needed.
  • Saves space and is cost effective.

 24” deep cabinet above​, plain panels on sides


Things to know about this layout:
  • Both sides of the refrigerator are covered with ¾” thick panels, partially concealing the sides and fully concealing the back to create a built-in look without breaking the budget. 
  • The panels are 24” deep. Depending on the refrigerator you choose, you may see more than 10” of the side of the refrigerator and the door. Check appliance specifications to know how the side is finished. Ex. Is it Black or Stainless?
  • The cabinet above is 24” deep for easier access.
  • Saves space and is cost effective.

 Nearly full-depth cabinet above, decorative panels on sides 


Things to know about this layout:
  • Left side of the refrigerator is covered with a decorative panel that looks like your selected cabinet doors. The panel covers nearly the entire side of the fridge to create a more built-in look without the expense of buying a built-in refrigerator. 
  • The panels are thicker and deeper than the previous option, making it look more substantial and built in. 
  • The 24” deep cabinet above is pulled forward during installation to align with the panels and blocked behind the cabinet for support.
  • Saves space and, while pricier than the first two options, still cost effective when looking for a more built-in look without the cost of upgrading the refrigerator.